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Respect & Behavior

Politeness and respect is very important and required to be in my company. 
Before, during and after an encounter, I expect to be respected at all times.
Comments that are negative, aggressive or disrespectful will be ignored and/or blocked.

By being respectful, you will earn my trust and I will therefore feel more at ease with you, making this moment that we live together more intimate.

Please be mindful that respect works both ways.




Of course I am human like everybody else and there are things that I do not like. No need to ask or try to negotiate. 
Respect is key for a mutual pleasing experience.

Blowjob without  condom (BBBJ)
Penetration without  condom ( BBFS )
Swallow ( CIM )

Domination on me
Torture on me
Brown play
Vomit play
The 69 position
Greek ( Anal )



Having mint hygiene is a must in order to spend a moment with me.
I pay special attention to my person.  My manicure and pedicure is always neat and i'm always freshly shaved.

A soapy shower is therefore always mandatory before the session.  Using mouthwash as well as q-tips for the ears is always recommended and appreciated.

I always welcome you freshly showered and expect the same hygiene from the person who will share my company.

It’s so pleasing to smell a good perfume

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